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The Impersonators

To be honest with you, I never thought I’d see the day The Impersonators have an official website. In fact, I never thought we’d have a label, producer or publicist for that matter. The fact that we’ve gotten played on the radio a bit and found a small audience that digs what we are doing feels like a dream come true and utterly surreal. Why? I’ll tell you. The Impersonators originated from my living room. This was a home-grown project to keep me busy while I was getting over the break-up of Carmen Gray, a group I had written…

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“The Impersonators have invented a cross-generational style of music whose warmth and sincerity is impossible not to love.


”Broken Snow is an energetic and upbeat jam featuring a passionate vocal performance, catchy hooks and excellent musicianship.”

Middle Tennessee Music

”Regardless of their name, The Impersonators are certainly the real thing.”

Music Notez

“Their aim to share what is going on in their lives and build an emotional connection with listeners that is built on raw honesty elicits the duo to be felt in ways far more emotive than the average pop song.”

Know Me Better Music

“Worth checking out, especially if you find yourself losing faith with your radio.”

Subba Cultcha

”You Are The One is simply put a magnificient artisan piece.”

Artist Rack

”Burning Blue has a hook to kill all hooks and it’ll haunt your dreams.”

Music To Grieve To

“Since releasing their first single in 2017, Finnish duo The Impersonators have released a string of consistently great alternative pop-rock tracks that’ll leave you no choice but to pay attention.”

Happy Magazine

“Finnish Power Pop Perfection.”

My Dad Rocks

“Once again Tikka and Autio deliver a top-notch production full of personal stories and their own songwriting expertise.”
The Music Butcher