Cloud Nine

Baby, I want you by my side
At the sunset of my life
When memories and plans have all been made
And daytime turns to grayest evening shade
All that’s left is you and I

We never fade

If you’re way down low
I’ll try to give you a smile
If you’re way down low
We’ll be alone for a while
If you’re way down low
I’ll make you realize
That we’re on cloud nine

Baby, I want you by my side
When the dark is riding high
Standing on the precipice of life
I would follow you to our demise
Two lovers on the moon
Of me and you

If you’re way down low
I’ll try to give you a smile
If you’re way down low
We’ll be alone for a while
If you’re way down low
I’ll make you realize
The stars will align
If you’re way down low
I’ll bring you sunny skies
If you’re way down low
I’ll try to melt the ice
If you’re way down low
I’ll make you realize
That we’re on cloud nine

Avalanches come
But we are immune
Walking hand-in-hand
Love letters in the sand

 I’ll try to give you a smile
If you’re way down low
We’ll be alone for a while
If you’re way down low
I’ll make you realize
The stars will align
If you’re way down low
I’ll bring you sunny skies
If you’re way down low
I’ll try to melt the ice
If you’re way down low
I’ll make you realize
That we’re on cloud nine



You know I come from hopelessness
Two-room apartment in Sussex
No balance here we can redress
The night falls
And burns out my debts

I try like hell and cry like hell
It’s been the longest fucking spell
I don’t know where I should propel
Just stay here
It’s my best bet

Goodbye circus
Lion tamers
Goodbye clowns and
Cheap disclaimers

In between numbness and my fears
I buy myself a pint of bear
And when the sleep is drawing near
I dry my
Eyes and I smear

Any point that’s lingering
Might get employed some time in spring
The wife won’t stop her bickering
Until I

Bring home a win

Goodbye circus
Fire breathers
Goodbye monkeys and
Ring leaders

Why nothing ever floats my way?
Why nothing ever floats my way?
Why nothing ever floats my way?

Why nothing ever floats my way?



Sad Café

Done with your delta blues
Done with your explanations
You’re just being cruel
It’s my partial estimation
If we had money
We could heal this gloom
Today it hit me
Like a monsoon

I wonder if our love was broken from the start
You were busy playing games with my heart
Baby guess we really are worlds apart – woah
We got to break up and go our separate ways
I’m tired of feeling like shit most every day
It’s time we get out of this sad café – woah

You know what screw you
Been broken like a stallion
And screw your high horse too
Been stripped off my medallions
Swindled like a tool
Hustled and forsaken
Today it hit me
I’m overtaken

Demands will never stop
This hell will never seize
As long as I oblige
There won’t be harmony



Velvet dawning, beautiful embrace
Lost horizons, dreams we couldn’t trace
Dry my eyes babe, pain is going to fade
Society just got in the way

I would give the days I have
To fight back and win

An effigy is hanging from a tree
A broken man who looks a lot like me
An effigy can only make you scream
Just a whisper will never set him free
Help me take down my effigy

Blazed a trail through the frozen sky
Despite my fears, I learned how to fly
Like a clover, dancing, getting high
The greatest mystery is figuring out why

My shackles are finally breaking
I’m reborn
My unamusing brilliant plan
Is to pass on


Burning Blue

I saw buildings flashing by
In a dream of you and I – so real
Through the city in the night
Blinded by the neon lights – we reeled
By the river and the fair
There was music in the air – I healed
Baby, all the world was mine
I was king and life was kind – supreme

Oh oh oh, I’m burning blue

Then I lost you in the crowd
You were nowhere to be found – a tear
Couldn’t reach where you had been
Summer, winter, fall and spring – a year
It was us against the world
Baby, nothing seemed to hurt – oh dear
Darling, everything was new
The wicked morning sun was cruel – to me

No matter if the world came falling down
No matter if there was no one around
No matter if I’m blue and missing you
My mind will always keep on burning blue

Baby don’t you know I’m burning blue
Baby don’t you know you’re burning too


Broken Snow

I’ve known love, honey, I’ve known pain
They’re intertwined in me like clouds and rain
The biggest lie I was ever told
Was about the rainbows and the hills of gold

Is my broken heart out of time
Is my broken heart out of line
Is my broken heart even kind
Or handful of broken snow
Push your broken heart out of mind
Though your broken heart isn’t kind
Sell your broken heart for a dime
A handful of broken snow

My final card, a real queen of hearts
Never had the slightest chance to win
Ignorance, or was it simply lust
She took my soul and burned it down to dust

Broken snow, life on hold
The way you broke my heart


You are the One

Well it was there right from the start
When you just took my hand
Something no one could have faked
Or no one could have planned

You are the one
Your heart is shining down on me
You are my sun
You’re in my heart eternally
You are the one
The one
The one

The lights are on in every town
Every city, every fair
To me you are as beautiful
As Aphrodite’s fair

As long as you are here, my love
As long as you are here to stay
As long as you wear my ring
The world just falls away

I was buried under pain
You gave me fight, you made me feel
We danced out in the rain
Like stars, free again


Universe of Steel

 Bombs are falling on TV
Hearts are in disguise
I can’t see my way back in
No matter how I try

Tell me this is true
Tell me we are real
Show me there’s some heaven
In this universe of steel

In the midst of suffering
These dark days on the rise
A whisper tells me not to cry
There’s someone on my side

Minds are breaking in the fray
Souls are locked up tight
Compassion’s torn, and deep within
I’ve lost my will to fight

No one knows how long the pain
Will run until it’s gone
Battle-scarred horizons form
To greet the breaking dawn


Love On

 Love on, through storms of hail and thunder
Love on, even when you’re going under

Love on
Love on
Come on – love on

Love on, against your better judgement
Love on, with every letter sent

Through the winters in your heart
When sacred springtime starts
Through summer and through fall

Love on, when everything is broken
Love on, when no more words are spoken

In dreams of blue and gray
In shadows of the day
Through summer and through fall

Love on, when love itself is dying
Love on, when no one else is trying

You know you need a brand new start
Even if she breaks your heart
Even if she tears you apart



 Baby, my heart is in your hand
Baby, your love is my command
I’ll go crazy – you’re more than I can stand

Baby, I’ve been watching you
Baby, sweet as the morning dew
Misbehaving – what am I to do?

Every time I look at you, I’m filled with light
Every time you smile at me, my soul takes flight
Oceans roll along
The sun and moon belong

Baby, it’s been way too long
Lately, it feels as if you’re gone
Tell me, baby – should I keep hanging on?

The turning of the evening tide
Pulls the day into the night
Together yet far apart
They laugh at my broken heart
I miss you kiss and your hand in mine

Baby, come knocking at my door
Baby, just like you did before
My sweet baby, tell me that you were sure


Perfect Day

Tiny beads of pain
Fall on my cheeks again
I can’t go back to our memory

The way that it used to be
Won’t work as a remedy
I can’t go back to our fantasy

Such a perfect day – useless anyway
Through the sheets of rain
The sun peeks out again

There has not been a day
These thoughts don’t float my way
I can’t go back to our tragedy

Still I dream how lovely it would be
A shelter from the storm, we gave each other dreams… but please

So forget your grief
Our love was short and sweet
Like a lost refrain, it turns up once again


The Cannon Street Hotel

I know there’s nightmares in your head
And worse, the things you’ve never said
I hear you crying in the dark

Once more the night has left a mark
So hard to perfectly erase
I’ve seen the hopelessness in this place

Hopes and dreams reside at the Cannon Street Hotel
Reception’s busy every day
Roses never bloom at the Cannon Street Hotel
The bellhop guides you to your grave

When people beat you up with words
It kills your soul, I know it hurts
And yet it’s all that they can do

They’ll never get the heart of you
The place we all have deep inside
Where we are safe, the place we hide

I won’t be there when you get home
Just like the wind I will have flown
Off to a place where broken hearts go
On Cannon Street, the place you know

In time you get to see your room
Your face puts on its sad costume
You’ll see the sunlight peeking in

You’ll lose the emptiness within
There’s one thing I’ll promise you
Our pain is only passing through


Dear Gene

 No wings could carry
You’re lighter than air
No one to hurry
You’re already there

Diamonds on the table
There for you to pick
If you were only able
To fly and to fit

Distances melt away
But for how long
Sorrow is here to stay
Heart’s not that strong

The river called you home
Along the long and winding road
A tale you always told
Of a soul left out in the cold

Your life was shot
And your dreams were all through
No four-leaf clovers
Were left there for you


Baby Tears

I know what happens to baby tears
They grow and harden across the years
Those pearls of past regret
They haven’t dried off yet

I know what happens when lovers meet
They can’t wait to jump in the sheets
The world a soft caress
Their mind the sweetest mess

And in time you just might be mine
And in time you just might feel fine

I know what happens when things get rough
The world turns harsh and it’s not enough
From lust to hurting deep
The flame of love recedes

I know what’s lost when it’s said and done
The softest kiss underneath the sun
Can never be replaced
You’ll never be the same

Enlighten me with your sweet grace
The morning mist upon your face
The promise of eternity
Pick me up from where I fell
Cast your sanctuary spell
Don’t let it fade into a dream


I Fell for You

 Just like lightning from a clear blue sky
No time to take cover, no time to ask why
In a mesmeric moment my past was all through
I looked into your eyes and I fell for you

Straight out of darkness and into the light
My world blew wide open way beyond sight
I’d give all I have just to make you my own
You’re taking me places I’ve never known

Yes, it’s true – I fell for you
There’s nothing more to say or do
I fell for you

In one ecstatic moment you make me a star
Just an ordinary man, it felt so bizarre
So perfect and complete, like reflections in blue
I gazed into your eyes and I fell for you

I fell so hard I nearly hit the ground
I feel so high I don’t know where I’m bound
My sorrow is gone since you kissed it goodbye
Together we’re free and ready to fly

Girl On The Bridge

The girl on the bridge is about to let go
Would anyone miss her at all?
Where is the love that she used to know
That held her when no one would call

The boy on the bank just stares at his hands
Lost in a dream of his own
A shadow like him stood where he stands
All those lost years ago

He wants the girl on the bridge
The girl on the bridge
The girl on the bridge
So afraid that he’ll miss
The girl on the bridge

Time is the enemy and the refrain
It heals while it keeps us in line
We are the ones who will leave and remain
Our bridges and banks left behind

Memories fade away like roses
They stay in shadows as darkness closes
She’s still waiting, but her prince won’t come
The years passed on, his hands are shaking
He’s all alone, his heart is breaking
He thinks of her – wonder where she’s now
The girl on the bridge


A Rhyme Beyond Reason

In darkness as in light
My days were deepest nights
The trials I have seen
And all my sunken dreams

I thought I’d be alone
With my heart a stone
But now that you are here
I have learned to feel

You rhyme beyond reason
You shine out of season
The sky and earth kneel before us
The day breaks upon our touch in love

A wheel that just revolves
Through all these empty roles
I was before your kiss
No one you would miss

Some people take without giving
Some people give all they have
Some people carry on living
And never look back