The Impersonators – Effigy

Effigy has a history unlike any other song in our catalog. It was in a way commissioned. Way back in July 2018, The Impersonators’ publicist asked me if we were ever going to release a Christmas song and I said, “probably not.” I know artists do this a lot, they release holiday songs and I actually like some of them, but writing one for The Impersonators had never really even crossed my mind – until that afternoon. It was a challenge though and to prove to myself I could write one if I wanted to, I gave it a shot but nothing came out of it. I caught myself thinking how much easier the writing process would be if Christmas had a tad more street credibility, if it were a little more like Halloween. Then it came to me, why not write a Halloween song instead? Well, a song that would cater for Halloween in terms of its feel and atmosphere but a tune that could also stand alone. As it happened, my bandmate Antti Autio had sent me a lyric a few days prior that seemed to perfectly capture the right mood. I added a few lines and “Effigy” soon became a rock song about killing your ego, a topic that’s been of great interest to me lately. Janne did a fantastic job in capturing just the right mood to go with the disturbing lyrics on this one. My favorite bits of the song are the guitar riff in the beginning and the final choruses with their multi-layered vocal harmonies.