The Impersonators – Broken Snow

To me Broken Snow is the quintessential Impersonators track, fusing The Beatles with Phil Spector and adding a bit of Motown for dramatic effect. Janne’s contribution to the track is priceless; it’s his production that makes this track what it is. The song came about from two separate incidents. I still remember writing bits of the melody and some of the lyrics without an instrument, lining up to the Eiffel Tower. This street vendor was trying to sell me (and the other folks lining up) necklaces that looked like disfigured snowflakes. He kept asking “is your broken heart kind?” I don’t know what he meant by that but it got me thinking. It’s so easy to criticize others, to see what they are doing to you, but it’s very difficult to see what you are doing to other people. Basic human weakness I guess. A few months after this, once we got snow in Finland, I went for my usual run and noticed that somebody had urinated in the snow, managing to draw a yellow heart in this otherwise beautiful white bank of untouched snow. This is where I got the idea for using the phrase “broken snow” in the lyrics. In fact, I took a picture of that “yellow heart” in the snow and wanted to use that shot for the single cover but everyone else deemed it too vulgar, so we went ahead with a more traditional approach in the end, which was probably for the best.