The Impersonators – Burning Blue

Burning Blue was inspired by a friend who had lost his wife to cancer, and while I was trying to console him, the melody of this song began to play in my mind (you know, the hook, the haunting melody that’s also the chorus). Antti and I wrote the lyrics from this perspective. My friend, whose loss inspired the track, said that he consoled himself by going to all these restaurants and stores, places where he had once gone with his wife. According to him, it made him feel closer to her. Hence, the protagonist in our lyric is walking around aimlessly downtown somewhere amidst the neon lights and a crowd of people having fun, trying to make some sense of what’s happened, remembering when he “was king and life was kind” and when it was “us against the world” and “how nothing seemed to hurt.” It’s an esoteric lyric and you probably need to understand the story behind it to understand its meaning. This is why the music video ended up being about a man who has lost his mind, sitting around with a wedding dress on his lap and having dinner with a mannequin head, pretending his wife is still around. Janne’s production is flawless once again. I also dig the Beach Boys-influenced middle eight and the cathartic guitar solo that I played completely off the cuff but that was somehow just right for the song.