The Impersonators – Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel pt. 1

Luncheon At The Cannon Street Hotel Part 1 has some cool tracks on it. I must admit I am not entirely happy with its production values. Listening back to it now, a few years after it was recorded (some tracks on it date back to 2013), is sometimes a bit painful. I’d love to re-record more than a few bits of the EP and remix more or less each and every song on it but that’s not say the EP doesn’t have its merits. This was, of course, before we were collaborating with Janne Saksa and I was still in the process of learning how to record and mix appropriately. In retrospect, I should not have gone about this by myself – there’s nothing like hindsight, right? The result sounds like a garage version of The Impersonators, everything is slightly off balance. However, there’s a certain charm that comes with that and once you start approaching this EP with that attitude, you will start hearing it differently.

My favorite track on Part 1 is the epic “Girl On The Bridge” but to tell you the truth, I love all of them, as revisiting them brings back so many wonderful and warm memories of the time The Impersonators were taking their first steps as a recording act. And the songs? “Dear Gene” was written as a tribute to Gene Clark of The Byrds, one of our songwriting heroes, and “A Rhyme Beyond Reason” was my first attempt at a Phil Spectorish production. The bare bones of what became our sound are all there if you listen closely. And believe it or not, we also got our first write-up based on the strength of “Dear Gene” and not just by anybody but Eric Sorensen, a columnist whose music reviews and essays we had been devouring for some time already – he also is an ardent fan of Gene Clark. We were absolutely stoked.