The Impersonators – Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel pt. 2

Luncheon At The Cannon Street Hotel Part 2 is a step up from Part 1 – both sonically and professionally. It’s not a huge leap but I think tracks like “Baby” are a clear indication of how quickly things were evolving. I actually love “Baby.” It has one of my favorite Antti Autio lyrics and I really love the mood throughout the song. The acoustic guitars sound great and this was the first song to feature what has become our signature use of tom toms. In addition, this EP features what is probably our most important track to date, our second single, “Universe Of Steel.” It got Dennis Weitzel, the CEO of FBP Music Group interested in us. This, of course, changed everything. Before we knew it, we were collaborating with Janne Saksa on our first FBP release and loving every moment of it.

The name of the EPs derives its inspiration from T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland. A section of this long poem talks about a seedy hotel in London where people held clandestine/inappropriate meetings, I will leave the nature of these meetings to everyone’s imagination. Anyway, it was this relatively short segment of The Wasteland that inspired the title track and the whole concept of the EPs, including the cover art. Special kudos goes out to Joona Niskanen on busting his ass on the three cover/promo shots. Joona is a very talented photographic artist and we were very fortunate to have him work with us during the early years of the band.