The Impersonators – Sad Cafe EP

Relationships are hard. When hopes, dreams and expectations don’t come to pass, we learn what disappointment tastes like – yeah, I know, it tastes like sh#t. The bad news is that if we taste such a cocktail often enough, we become disillusioned. This is usually when resentment steps in, and we all know where that leads…well, no place good.

“Sad Café” came about in a burst of anger. I remember being so angry with someone that my hands were shaking. Once left alone, out of frustration, I slammed my fist into the wall. It hurt…for four weeks. During weeks one and two, I had immense problems operating my right hand. I got scared. I’m a guitar player and the thought of breaking my hand irreversibly is daunting. I was lucky, the pain subsided, my wrist healed. The anger stayed though, it burned, and to make it go away, I started writing this song. 

The bare bones of the melody as well as some of the lyrics came easily. But then I got stuck and like so many times before, my trusty collaborator Antti Autio finished off the lyrics for me – he did an outstanding job. After that, all the song really needed was a bit of help from my wife and a generous sprinkle of magic dust from our producer Janne Saksa and voilà, we were done.