The Impersonators – You Are The One

You Are The One was written during the time I had just met my wife. We weren’t married yet but dating and of course, in that phase of our relationship when the other person could do or say nothing wrong. It was magical. I’m very lucky to have experienced what falling in love with someone feels like. It’s like a thousand bolts of lightning hitting you from all directions – an incredible feeling. I can still remember the sleepless nights, my heart pounding with excitement, being unable to think about nothing else expect her. From what I’ve gathered, not everybody gets to experience this and that’s too bad. “You Are The One” was inspired by this indescribable feeling.

When I listen to the track now, it makes me smile. It is rather sappy, I suppose. Still, I wouldn’t change it in any way. I dislike “cool” love songs. I don’t think there’s anything cool about being in love. So much of it is actually difficult and unnerving. Love makes you vulnerable and armless in so many ways. Building a life with someone means trusting that other person with your happiness and ultimately, with your life. The string arrangement continues to send shivers down my spine, as do the horns. I really like the way this song turned out. Janne Saksa did a great job on this.